why web 2.0?

My social media checklist…um, I have a facebook account.  I don’t twitter (yet).  I don’t myspace, bebo, digg, etc.  I guess I have a linkedin account…no friends, though!  It hasn’t seemed super relevant in my field of work.  But now, I have a blog, and thanks to the 13 things at Coe (a summer learning project), I am taking steps to better understand social networking, the web, online forums, and (eke!) twitter.

What I already see is that students are online, on their phones, and communicating in a whole new way and as a student affairs professional, I better figure out how I fit into that world.

I’m on the edge of this generation (the older edge : ), and feel very comfortable with my technology abilities, but I haven’t forayed into much beyond Facebook when it comes to sharing my world.  I guess it’s a reflection of my introverted side.  A journal is for my eyes only, after all!  Words for other’s eyes ought to be carefully crafted, and intentionally chosen.

There’s so much to misunderstand on the internet.  Email, facebook, forums, comment boxes = ways to say things without meaning them.

I’m eager to see how this little box of text will influence how I communicate in this world…

Until next time, EKG


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3 responses to “why web 2.0?

  1. Lisa

    Our students communicate in ways that are so different from the way I most like to communicate. This spring I was walking out of the library when I overhead this snippet:
    #1: “Hey! I haven’t talked to your forever. You’re never on Facebook anymore.”
    #2: “I know – I’ll be on tonight, I’ll talk to you then.”
    “Talking” I can only assume, meant the same as ‘chatting’ on Facebook. I’m not quite there, yet, but more and more I understand the appeal to this type of communication.

    • I know — it’s crazy. When I went to a wedding this spring, I was talking to a friend and told him I was sorry his dog died. He looked at me really funny and I realized we hadn’t actually “talked” in over a year, but I had “facebook stalked” the information about his dog.

      My graduate school cohort and I used to send out monthly updates…now I just check out what they’re up to on facebook. We rarely email anymore.

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