The latest Web 2.0 element I’ve tackled is online photo sharing.  Let me say that my favorite thing about Facebook is sharing photos!  I am a bit of a self-described photographer, and I love posting photos to Facebook and reading comments from folks.  It’s been really great to connect with Zoe’s breeder and her littermate’s “parents” through Facebook photos.  That being said, I’ve never used any other websites for photo sharing, so I explored for this week’s assignment.

I like that the first thing flickr tells you is that the most important thing about their site is community and that you should read the community guidelines.  There I go with my rules again!

Unfortunately, after spending a decent amount of time uploading photos to Flickr to create a pretty slideshow for my sidebar, I found out that Flickr and WordPress  do not play together as well as I might like.  Everyone who is participating in the 13 things @ Coe project chose to stick with Blogger rather than WordPress, so hopefully they’re having an easier time.  At the end of the day, I like the format of my finished blog a LOT better here, so, as with other bits of technology, I’ve made my choice and I’m happy with it.

When attempting to edit photos on Flickr, it actually took me to another site, one that some folks had mentioned as one of the Web 2.0 sites they frequent.  Picnik seems cool, with some interesting and fun editing and imagery options; at the end of the day, though, while it was fun to play around with, it’s not something I’m overly interested in.

After searching around the WordPress help section, I eventually found a process/site that supports slideshows on WordPress called Slide.  I haven’t gotten one on my sidebar yet (ARGH!), but I added one to my roots and sprouts pages, so check them out!  Again, though, not as easy as I would have liked.  It actually took me hours.  Thumbs down on that.

Overall, I don’t think that flickr really improves much of my life, especially since I do most of my photo editing on my computer with Microsoft Office Picture Manager before they ever hit the web.  Plus, anyone I want to share photos with is already on Facebook, so it eliminates a step.  Slide can pull photos from Facebook in addition to Flickr (and lots of other sites), so I can even keep using that for WordPress without Flickr.  I did “follow the rules” and upload a Flickr photo here, so at least I gave it a try.  Today, just to show me, Facebook wouldn’t upload any photos, so I used Flickr and sent a link.  Not as useful as I would have liked (I’ll end up loading them onto Facebook to commence tagging, etc.), but technology does have a way of saying — No!  Do it MY way!

I’ve started exploring some more Web 2.0 spots on my own, like delicious.  Not sure I’m hooked yet, but we’ll see.  Overall, Web 2.0 is taking up a little more of my life than I would prefer as of late.  Time to go outside and play.

As a closing thought, our next assignment is Twitter.  Eke.  Not so much looking forward to this one.

until I’m tweeting, ekg

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