a tasty dose of nourishment

I love delicious.  I would be 100% okay with that being the extent of my post on social bookmarking sites, but I’ll elaborate anyway.

Originally, when I heard about delicious, I was skeptical.  What was the point?  I have my very own set of bookmarks on my computer.  The website isn’t organized in way that was initially intuitive for me, so I ignored it.  Clearly, my web 2.0 karma decided that I shouldn’t ignore the technology I don’t feel like trying.

I taught a leadership course this summer and used delicious to share a bunch of great leadership activities and articles with my students.  It was fantastic!  Rather than sending an email or printing out a page of links they should read, I directed them to my delicious site and showed them how to find what they needed.  It was amazing!  Plenty of professional uses available here; I’ll need to continue to explore that realm, though.

Personally, I’ve found delicious even more helpful.  If I get an email about an interesting article that I might want to reference later, I can bookmark it.  A friend found an absolutely amazing photographer in the area, and I was absolutely astonished by her beautiful images.  I’d love to have her take my wedding photos or children’s portraits…someday.  It would be weird to bookmark that site on my computer.  I’d probably save the link in a word document somewhere that I save and lose.  Delicious to the rescue!

The home page is also a lot of fun; I’ve found some great sites through the “recently tagged” and top rated.  It’s a fun way to explore the web in a personally relate-able context.

Amazing.  Useful.  Easy.  Check me out @ ekathleeng

On a side note, one of my RAs has proved to be an endless resource of random information.  Every time he tells a random tidbit, I ask why he knows this.  He almost always cites stumbleupon.com.

Hmm…less than 10 minutes?  ekg

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