common roots

The concept behind Creative Commons is awesome.  Like Lisa mentioned on the 13 things @ Coe blog, I’m sure I’ve used information and images from the web without giving proper credit where it is due.  Though I feel like I have a good understanding of plagiarism, I don’t think I have a great understanding of copyright law and how it applies, especially in an educational setting.

Creative Commons appears to be doing great work to offer folks ways to find things legally instead of snagging the most convenient stuff.

At the same time, it’s hard to really find things that I’m looking for.  Case in point, I looked for some ideas on diversity activities, especially related to social justice, and found pretty useless results.  The same search on google was far more helpful.  I am not sure where my “borrowing” license begins and ends when it comes to finding things like this, but google seems more effective for now.

If I were completing or assigning a research paper, it’s likely that Creative Commons might prove more useful.  It offers the opportunity to expand our understanding of copyright, but may give students an “out” where the lines are already blurred.

ahead! ekg.

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