culmination…the tree of life

The concept behind the tree of life is that all things are connected.  This seems an apt metaphor for web 2.0 and my experience with the 13 things @ Coe.

This learning project has been amazing.  I always felt like I was technologically savvy; I learned that I knew some, but not nearly very many of the fantastic things available on the world wide web.  Much like I would have initially guessed, there are a lot of valuable applications and sites out there, and there are even more that may just be an additional time suck.  I will probably find a few more that will continue to give me energy (Facebook does this for me now) and a few others that I may never use again.

I continue to be blown away at the elements we can use to aid students in learning and to help make it an authentic experience.  This blog is proving to be an excellent outlet for my own authentic self and a chance to reconnect with the writer inside.  I wish I could have kept up with it more consistently and have already begun thinking about how the blog will continue now that the project is over.  Part of me feels like it should be focused, but the other part of me knows that my random stream of consciousness is rarely as focused as I would like.  Who knows what will come of it.  It will be something, this I know.

In terms of feedback for the creator of our wonderful project, I really enjoyed the self-discovery aspect.  I was able to dig into topics that really interested me and leave the ones that were less interesting alone.  Self-discovery also lends well to those of us who are generally familiar with many of these web concepts — meaning that I don’t have to sit in a room waiting for someone to figure out how to open a new tab, let alone understand the project.  I’m a quick learner when it comes to stuff like this and my patience wears short when it comes to the technology transplants in the web 2.0 world (other than my mom of course).

I appreciated that we were required at some points to comment on one another’s blogs and follow them.  I have enjoyed reading the colleagues’ blogs which I chose to follow.  The inner extrovert in me wishes there would have been a few more opportunities to connect in a more intentional way.  I loved the comments I received and understand the importance of the connected nature of all of these wonderful concepts.  What good is a blog if no one is reading it?  Lucky for me, a few of the colleagues with whom I work on a daily basis were also doing the project and we were able to chat about it at the lunch table.

Here’s the link to‘s interpretation of my blog.  Apparently, I write a lot about great things : )

13 things @ Coe = check.  Now I’m just crossing my fingers for that iPad!!

hugs, ekg

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