less tangible nourishment…

For the ninth element of 13 things @ Coe, I explored a few online libraries/cataloguing sites.  I chose to create a library on librarything.com.  My username is ekathleeng.  I listed 5 books.

I’m sure that this is a great resource, especially for folks that do a lot of reading.  I actually enjoyed scrolling through some of the books it recommended for me, and reading why.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of time to read, so it’s unlikely that this is something I would use a great deal.

A more applicable site, in my opinion, is swaptree.  At swaptree, you can list the books (or any media) you have and the ones you want to read.  When you find someone who has what you want, you ask for it.  Trading is completely free, the owner just pays shipping, and can send things media mail for less than $2.50.  This seems like a great way to try out new music and books, though I haven’t explored it much yet.

next up, thing 10…ekg

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