toast…slightly underdone

The final “official” thing, thing #12, is using video tools.

I signed into and created an account.  It’s actually a really interesting process — it would be even better if I had a microphone or webcam, I think.  There have been few times when I have actually thought, “oh, I wish I could just show someone how to do this instead of explaining it,” but those few times, ScreenToaster would have come in handy!  I’m thinking in particular of the day my mom called asking how to post photos to Facebook.  An hour later, and we were still on the phone, and my mom still didn’t have a clear idea how to post photos on her Facebook page.   I tried to email her detailed instructions, but that was too overwhelming.  She’s come a long way where Facebook is concerned, but this application would have been very useful!

In honor of my mom, I created my ScreenToast of how to upload photos.  Granted, I only got halfway through because Facebook decided to be stupid.  Nonethless, here’s my toast:

This would be a great way to help students understand using Moodle and as well…oh, the possibilities!

Only one more…ekg

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