an ally for me

Following Rule #1 has already proved more difficult than I anticipated.   A lot of discussions today surrounding trust and meeting folks where they are.  Within those discussions, I spent time asking myself whether I was holding myself to the high expectations I have of others.  I felt some significant disappointment in myself.  Priding myself on my intuition and ability to build relationships, today left me questioning why I had missed some clear messages and where I had failed to build and earn trust.  My inner ally was losing a longstanding battle with my inner critic.  So I cried (I’m a crier).  And as I cried, I realized that my inner ally is the one who lets me cry.  She puts her arm around me and says it’s okay to wish things had gone differently but that doesn’t mean you failed.  She listens and reminds you of the thousand good things you have done, even if there were mistakes along the way.  And she helps you figure out how to learn from it.

Tomorrow’s cheerleader is going to have to find some serious inner pep.  Good thing cheerleaders like a challenge.  We’ve got spirit, yes we do, we’ve got spirit, how ’bout you?

spirit fingers, ekt


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3 responses to “an ally for me

  1. Amber Garrison Duncan

    I love hearing about your inner ally and how she let’s you cry. Sounds like you are being reflective and really thinking about how to change your relationship with your inner critic! Thanks for sharing your journey! It really touches home for us all.

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