rule #2: imagine it

Continuing my path towards brilliance with Tara Mohr’s second rule today.  I’ve actually been putting this post off for a few reasons.  I think it can be really scary to truly dream big and throw the rules out the window (despite my super-idealist nature).  This assignment asks for me to put those realistic questions (like how to make this happen) aside and just welcome the dream in.  Here goes!

Rule #2: Imagine It

What does a knock-the-ball-out-of-the-park life look like for you? What is the career that seems so incredible you think it’s almost criminal to have it? What is the dream you don’t allow yourself to even consider because it seems too unrealistic, frivolous, or insane? Start envisioning it. That’s the beginning of having it.

Not long ago, in a professional retreat, we were asked what our ideal career would be, so it’s not like I haven’t thought about this a little.

Here was my answer from that exercise:

Professor in a student affairs graduate program at a non-research-intensive institution, and without having to get my doctorate.

As soon as I said this out loud, of course, there was a round of “good luck with that.”  Which is the barrier I’ve set as well.  For any future employers reading this, please be assured: I’m not lazy.  I know that I could pursue my doctorate.  I have no doubts that I am capable of writing a dissertation.  I just don’t want to right now.  I value research very, very much (one of my top strengths is input), but I do not have an intense love of doing it myself.  I’ve always considered myself a practitioner and a learner, but not a researcher.  Despite this, I am an educator at my core and am always looking for ways to share knowledge, help others understand, find new ways to do things, and in general teach.  Since my very first day of my very first graduate class (Introduction to Student Affairs), I knew that my core values and way of being were an absolute fit for the student affairs world; this is just the right place for me, truly a fantastic vocational match.  How can I not want to share that passion and love for this work?  My favorite part of what I do right now is supervising new and newer professionals because in addition to helping them learn the ins and outs of their job, I can help them learn.  And that’s where the magic is.

My other fantasy future life:

Professional portrait photographer

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to capture every moment of my life.  I’m super-sentimental that way.  I am always the person who has her camera handy (when no one else wants their photos taken).  I often see the world through a camera lens – thinking about how angles, lines, and colors collide to create something visually interesting.  I took photography in high school and into college.  I used my dad’s old SLR camera with a very ’80s strap from Walt Disney World and learned to better train my eye and create a well-composed photo.  I am not overly proficient at developing film or photos, and let’s face it – film and all the chemicals needed to produce those things are expensive and hard to come by.  I cannot wait until I have enough money saved up to buy the digital SLR camera I’ve had my eye on.  In the meantime, I’ve got several photography books on my wishlist and am following the blogs of lots of photographers I admire.  You can see my favorite images on my Pinterest page.

Right now, these are both just dreams…but we’ll see what the future holds for this wanna-be professor/photographer!

keep dreamin’….ekt

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