I have always been a reader.  I can remember staying up late at night just to read another chapter.  I am guilty of not joining the dinner table for Thanksgiving because I wanted to read just one more chapter (or seven) of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Graduate school stifled my reading for fun a little bit, but I still devour novels like nobody’s business.  Recent “victims:” the Hunger Games Trilogy; I traveled for some on campus interviews and read all three books in less than three days.  Seriously – I know how to devour a book.

This is my (completely incomplete) summer reading list – in no particular order.

Pictured (from bottom):

(Not pictured because it was sitting on my desk at work and not at home: Social Media for Educators: Strategies and Best Practices by Tanya Joosten – to grow my understanding of this social media thing)

Also on my must read list right now:

It’s a lot – more than I will get to, I’m sure.  But my brain will be happy!

What’s on your list?


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4 responses to “bookworm

  1. LOVE it! I read Drive (great ideas for supervision as well), the Happiness Project and I’m in the middle of Guyland. My summer reading list includes:

    1. How Your Playlist Can Change Your Life: with hopes of implementing music effectively into presentations, training and just as background when I need to be productive
    2. Jillian Michael’s Unlimited: with hopes of fine tuning what it is I want in life (personally and career-wise)
    3. The Little Woman Letters: a fictional account of the imagined lives of Jo March’s descendants.
    4. I’m also planning to read The Mid Level Manager in Student Affairs.
    5. Jenny Lawson’s Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: because everyone needs at least one book that’s meant to produce laughter.

    And hopefully, that’s just the beginning!

  2. kristendomblogs

    Looks like you’ll be busy! I tend toward the more fiction/non-student affairs reads, but I have a full load: Freakonomics, The Game of Thrones series, Drive, Matterhorn, a few borrowed books I can (hopefully) finally return, and lots and lots of blog posts on which I am woefully behind. Last week I read Zeitoun, and I’d highly recommend that one.
    Are you on goodreads? We should definitely connect!

    • Yeah, I think my general preference is fiction as well – a little easier to digest and “turn off the brain” in some ways! Freakonomics is on my someday list. I’ve seen a lot of folks talking about the Game of Thrones series, so that might make my list as well. I’m excited that Drive will be the #sachat bookclub book later this summer! If nothing else, it’ll be a deadline to get me to read it!

      I’m not on goodreads….yet. I’ll check it out and get back to you!

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