Some Humble Reminders for Social Justice Educators

This is a really phenomenal reminder on meeting folks where they are, remembering what we bring to the table (and who invited us to dinner in the first place), and that table manners are learned – not inherent. I am ever-humbled in my work as a social justice educator and I am constantly aware that the more I learn, the more I am confident I don’t know.

The CSJE Blog

“Why are you interested in taking on this leadership role within our program?,” I asked the student sitting across the conference room table.

“I’m just so much further along the continuum than the other student leaders and participants and I feel that this is the next logical step,” he replied.

Confidently and naturally, he continued “I’ve grown up with social justice my whole life and had experiences way beyond most others that have shaped my understanding of the world.”

I internally cringed as he finished his response to this first interview question: “I am at a higher level than most of my peers and even staff. Considering how advanced I am in social justice, I see it as my responsibility to bring others below me to where I am and in my current role I feel that I am just above everyone and unable to do that.”

This conversation has…

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