Recap: #ACPAconnect at #ACPA14

This year’s ACPA was absolutely phenomenal, surreal even.  I promise to tackle the entire conference and my takeaways soon, but first, I am excited to recap Bringing Our Whole Selves to Work: Authenticity, Vulnerability, & Connection.  I had the privilege of presenting with the phenomenal Kate McGartland, who I only just met in person for the first time at ACUHO-I over the summer.  Lucky for both of us, Twitter and Skype are amazing technologies that allowed us to connect in meaningful ways despite the distance between Kate’s home in Canada and mine in South Dakota.

Kate and me after our presentation

Kate and me after our presentation

First of all, let me lend credit where it’s due: Kate put together our proposal completely on her own and I got to come along for the ride.  I’m so grateful that she brought me into her vision and believe that our shared strengths made the presentation even better than it could have possibly been had either of us tried to do it alone.  Second, let me also admit that Kate and I could have discussed this topic for hours (well beyond our allotted 60 minutes).  Gratefully, our topic seemed to resonate with our attendees, so we weren’t just talking heads the whole time.

Our presentation was guided by four pieces of work: Authenticity and Well-Being in the Workplace: A Mediation ModelBringing Social Identity to Work: The Influence of Manifestation and Suppression on Perceived Discrimination, Job Satisfaction, and Turnover IntentionsShame Resilience Theory- A Grounded Theory Study on Women and Shame, and Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead.

In preparation for our presentation, Kate and I sent out a survey via social media (the survey is now closed).

We used many of the questions from the “Bringing Social Identity to Work” survey and included some ideas from the bookclub guide to “Daring Greatly.”  Want to see what people said? Check out our Survey Results. Kate and I both shared our personal stories (mine about finding a voice and a place where my voice was valued, Kate’s about honoring her strengths), offered an overview of the literature, dove into the information from the survey, and then invited the attendees to engage in conversation. Interested in our presentation?  Check out our PowerPoint here: ACPAconnect. The best part? Our colleagues in attendance!  With 10 minutes to go, our space was quickly filling up!

Around that point, Kate and I looked at each other with a mix of surprise, thrill, excitement, and nervous energy. Our colleagues shared in all that amazing energy.  They allowed us to be vulnerable, courageous, excited, and – best of all – our authentic selves.  Thank you for connecting with us and for using the #ACPAconnect hashtag!  Our session was the second most tweeted individual program at the most innovative and social ACPA ever!


For the full transcript of all our awesome tweeters, check out our full transcript here:

Many thanks to our top tweeters: Lauren Ashley, Julie Payne-Kirchmeier, and Ray Gasser.  

Please keep connecting with us!

❤ ekt

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