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less tangible nourishment…

For the ninth element of 13 things @ Coe, I explored a few online libraries/cataloguing sites.  I chose to create a library on  My username is ekathleeng.  I listed 5 books.

I’m sure that this is a great resource, especially for folks that do a lot of reading.  I actually enjoyed scrolling through some of the books it recommended for me, and reading why.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of time to read, so it’s unlikely that this is something I would use a great deal.

A more applicable site, in my opinion, is swaptree.  At swaptree, you can list the books (or any media) you have and the ones you want to read.  When you find someone who has what you want, you ask for it.  Trading is completely free, the owner just pays shipping, and can send things media mail for less than $2.50.  This seems like a great way to try out new music and books, though I haven’t explored it much yet.

next up, thing 10…ekg

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the tree

Thing 8 is online video sharing…luckily for me, youtube and I are already good friends.

Last summer, I went to an amazing Incubus concert and took a few videos.  Posting them was my first experience with adding to the online video world.  I still gain more than I offer, by a long shot.  Youtube is a great source for that random commercial you’re looking for, a laugh, or something to learn.  I haven’t used online video sharing a ton in the classroom setting, but there’s a few amazing videos I’ve used in presentations about social justice.  They aren’t the focus of my post, but here’s a link to one of my favorites from

My new hobby recently is slacklining.  If you don’t know what this is, no worries; you are not alone.  Here is Frankie Najera (a Cornell College alum — small world, right?) with Gibbon, showing how to do a trick, appropriately named “the tree.”

I cannot do this.  I can do a few things, though, and what I learned, I learned from youtube (and Frankie Najera).  Here’s what I look like on the line.

I’m not that great yet, but it’s a lot of fun and something different.  I love connecting with nature and I can set up the line on my own or do it with friends.

In closing, here’s a video of people doing really, really cool things.  Maybe this will be me someday.

slack on.  ekg.

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a tasty dose of nourishment

I love delicious.  I would be 100% okay with that being the extent of my post on social bookmarking sites, but I’ll elaborate anyway.

Originally, when I heard about delicious, I was skeptical.  What was the point?  I have my very own set of bookmarks on my computer.  The website isn’t organized in way that was initially intuitive for me, so I ignored it.  Clearly, my web 2.0 karma decided that I shouldn’t ignore the technology I don’t feel like trying.

I taught a leadership course this summer and used delicious to share a bunch of great leadership activities and articles with my students.  It was fantastic!  Rather than sending an email or printing out a page of links they should read, I directed them to my delicious site and showed them how to find what they needed.  It was amazing!  Plenty of professional uses available here; I’ll need to continue to explore that realm, though.

Personally, I’ve found delicious even more helpful.  If I get an email about an interesting article that I might want to reference later, I can bookmark it.  A friend found an absolutely amazing photographer in the area, and I was absolutely astonished by her beautiful images.  I’d love to have her take my wedding photos or children’s portraits…someday.  It would be weird to bookmark that site on my computer.  I’d probably save the link in a word document somewhere that I save and lose.  Delicious to the rescue!

The home page is also a lot of fun; I’ve found some great sites through the “recently tagged” and top rated.  It’s a fun way to explore the web in a personally relate-able context.

Amazing.  Useful.  Easy.  Check me out @ ekathleeng

On a side note, one of my RAs has proved to be an endless resource of random information.  Every time he tells a random tidbit, I ask why he knows this.  He almost always cites

Hmm…less than 10 minutes?  ekg

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chirp…I mean tweet?

Well…I apparently disappeared from the blogosphere for awhile.  Luckily for me, and you dear readers, the 13 things @ Coe is due tomorrow, so there will be multiple posts to play catch up tonight.

When I went to the assignment page, I had to click on “older posts” to get to the assignment I am on.  Not a good sign.  Nonetheless, on to Twitter.

In general, I haven’t really connected to Twitter and I have not found it overly useful.  Everyone/thing I “follow” is also on Facebook, which I check annoyingly often.  There’s woman on who posted a great article on the Student Affairs Collaborative blog; it said that once she connected to the student affairs community on Twitter, it became much more relevant for her.  I’m guessing that it will for me, too…if that happens.  I addded her on Twitter so that I could ask her how she found that community.  She DMed me asking for my email address.  I gave it to her and we started a conversation about what I wanted my Twitter life to look like.  Here’s what I sent her:

I’m comfortable with Twitter and know how it works — I think.  I haven’t really used it except to “follow” some things that I was already a “fan” of on Facebook — which I use more consistently and feel more connected to others on.  There aren’t really any students on our campus who are using Twitter consistently (or at least that we know of).  None of my peers, colleagues, or friends use it, except for one person (a former cohort member out in San Fran.).

I have used the Twitter website but never any other client.  I do not have tweets sent to my phone.  I rarely check Twitter as I mentioned — I follow all the same stuff on Facebook and I’m already getting the information I want…

I’ve read #sachat transcripts, but even when I’m really interested in the topic, the transcripts are hard to follow.  I have trouble in online chats when seven people are talking at once, too…#sachat is the only Twitter professional chat I’ve even ever heard of.  We’re going to try and use Google wave for a directorate body I’m on with ACPA.

As far as using Twitter, I would just really like to continue to engage with other student affairs professionals, particularly folks who I didn’t go to grad school with or work with.  I LOVE reading the student affairs collaborative and would like to be more able to participate in the #sachat (though it’s at a terrible time for me over the summer).  I was really intrigued by the post you wrote about not feeling connected to twitter until you connected to the SA community on Twitter.  I guess I’m trying to figure out how to connect to that SA community without adding a huge chunk of time to my life.  There are days when I feel like I spend more time on Facebook than actually talking to people : )  Which is the opposite of what I’m looking for…sort of.

So far, I don’t send tweets to my phone (no unlimited texting here) and I just haven’t found it useful enough to add it to my list of websites to check daily.  Maybe I’ll read the whuffie factor and change my mind.  If you want to follow me, I’m ekgeers.  I don’t post anything, so it probably won’t be that interesting for you.

Until ten minutes from now when I complete my next assignment…ekg


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