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When I left SJTI in 2009, we spent a lot of time talking about re-entry.  The small group of us spent a week immersing ourselves in “doing the work;” instead of just talking about race and racism, we worked on how we contributed to that system.  Eventually, we started to discuss how we can start breaking down that system.  The work had to start internally, but it couldn’t be contained in individuals.  The experience was so transformative, though, that we literally got a guide to adapting back to our “normal” lives.  Our friends and families were offered ways to help us through this adjustment.  Much like grieving a loved one, your whole world has changed, but people all over the place are continuing along their path as if nothing has happened — because to them, it hasn’t.

I left my blog to idle alone in the abyss of the Internet almost 10 months ago.  A lot has changed for me both personally and professionally since then.  On the personal side, I began dating, became engaged, and married the most amazing man in the entire world (in my “humble” opinion).  My professional life brought both of us to new jobs and new states.  Before last June, I had never lived more than 2 1/2 hours from my parents; now I live over 17 hours from my hometown.  I shifted from a small, private, liberal arts college to a mid-size, public, Division I, research university.   Those changes are easy to name.  Others are smaller, more elusive to express.  I’m returning to my blog in an effort to dig into the things eluding me.  Many things I “saved” from my blog since March because I wasn’t sure they fit what I thought my blog should be.  A good blog is specific, right?  People who are interested in the student affairs stuff won’t care about my burning inner desire to learn to do portrait photography and vice versa.  In reflecting on the goal of my blog (that’s some solid student affairs talk — reflecting and goals), I mostly want it for me.  I don’t need thousands of readers.  I just need to put things into words, as a means to “doing” my life work — whatever that may be — better.  Plus, I’m a whole person, who works and has a life outside of work.  Thus, my blog will be a “whole” blog.  I’ll try to “categorize” posts a little more effectively from this point forward, in case I really do end up with some readers.

Re-entry starts now!

peace and love, ekt


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rooted in social justice

As I am working to finish the spring cleaning project in my office, I’m trying to get rid of “useless” papers that I have sitting around.

In working through several stacks, I found my notes from the recent MBLGTACC conference.  I found some of the quotes from speakers and thoughts that came up during my time there were relevant enough to keep me thinking.  Maybe they’ll make you think, too.

In no particular order…

comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable

inequality degrades all of us

Americans always do the right thing.  They just do everything else first. (Winston Churchill)

I don’t want to know who you hate or who you want to avenge.  I want to know what you’re going to DO.

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. (Audre Lorde)

to be an amazing activist, you have to be amazed

stop asking why they aren’t at your table and go to theirs

are we about justice or just us?  work for equality, not just “your issue”

we have to be the voice for those who cannot speak

if it doesn’t exist, create it

not just being a social justice advocate, but doing social justice.

go DO it…ekg

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