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#mblgtacc and #thingsIdidn’twanttoknow…

Well, it’s been a day of an awesome conference, and seeing lots of things I didn’t need to know on twitter…plus a few interesting thoughts.

I hoped for more out of twitter today, but it might be because I hoped for a little bit more from some cool college students.  MBLGTACC 2011 has been an interesting experience.  It’s aimed at college students, and I think it’s hitting the mark — they seem to be thoroughly engaged and excited for all the learning…and all the #conferencesex.  Yikes.  Every plenary speaker so far has brought up conference sex and almost everyone has tweeted about it.  It all makes me feel a bit awkward.  Maybe because folks aren’t quite as open about it at ACPA?  On the overall, though, though there were some thought-provoking tweets from sessions I wasn’t attending, the “back channel” at MBLGTACC 2011 is largely student driven, and a bit of a let down for me.  Lots of tweets about the gay bar last night, being hung over today, missing sessions because of being hung over, taking naps, partying, and the aforementioned conference sex.  While the occasional quote from a session or plenary speaker graces the waves, it’s not nearly as inspiring as I really yearned for it to feel.

I’m not giving up on twittering, though.  Through my experimentation (and trying to figure out how the heck to actually follow something and why hastags – # – matter), I’ve found a few things I feel are worthy of keeping up on.  I now know how to keep up with the folks who participate in the #sachat, part of the Student Affairs Collaborative Blog, and I’m really excited to get to know them better.  I’ve also discovered #sajobs — and since I’m searching this year, I think it might come in handy.  This is a whole new world of networking for me, so hopefully I can acclimate quickly and use it as well as possible!

Feel free to retweet…if you know what I mean!

until then, ekg

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It has been six months and two days since I last dug into the questions and concepts of technology and student affairs.  When you last left me on my adventure, I had “tried” twitter and gave up on it very quickly, not really knowing how to use it.  Now that I have a smart phone (droid x to be exact) and after reading a great series of posts from the SA bloggers at thesabloggers.org, I became once again interested in giving twitter another go-round.  If you’re interested, the posts are about twitter at LEI, and can be found here, here, here, and here.  Joe’s posts inspired me, literally, to think about conference participating in this entirely new way.  Instead of writing notes down in my notebook, I could “talk” to people also at the conference and see who else connected to the same idea I did.  What if we were doing that during student trainings?  Our on campus leadership retreats?  Staff meetings?  The explosion of energy needn’t be harnessed!  I was alive with this idea.  And then I had to do my job and it became a blip on my unending to do list.

I drove over 8 hours with four amazing students to attend the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally Collge Conference.  MBLGTACC for short.  You can call it mumble-gtak if that’s easier.  Or just the “big gay conference.”  Ah student affairs and our acronyms.

Upon entering registration for a conference today, I saw signs all over indicating how to follow #mblgtacc on twitter.  Mental note for later.  During the opening speaker, more mention of twitter.  Okay, real note to self to go home and try to figure out twitter again.

So I did it.  I snuggled into my somewhat uncomfortable hotel bed, pulled my laptop onto my lap, and logged back into twitter for the first time in six months.  I had completely forgotten how to use any of the little signs or why each thing was used where, so I spent a little while in the “help” section re-familiarizing myself with the very few things I knew how to do in the first place.  10 minutes later, I was following @MBLGTACCrefresh and was reading all the tweets at #mblgtacc.  No joke, every quote I wrote down from both Mary Sue Coleman (side note, Mary Sue — Iowa misses you.  at least I do.) and the opening speaker.  Every.  Quote.  I downloaded the twitter app for my phone and feel ready to take on day two of MBLGTACC in a new way.  I cannot wait to read students inspired responses as they absorb, challenge, and honor the world of the big gay conference tomorrow.

Wish me luck.  I still feel like I’m reading a foreign language on my twitter homepage.

tweeting now…ekg

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chirp…I mean tweet?

Well…I apparently disappeared from the blogosphere for awhile.  Luckily for me, and you dear readers, the 13 things @ Coe is due tomorrow, so there will be multiple posts to play catch up tonight.

When I went to the assignment page, I had to click on “older posts” to get to the assignment I am on.  Not a good sign.  Nonetheless, on to Twitter.

In general, I haven’t really connected to Twitter and I have not found it overly useful.  Everyone/thing I “follow” is also on Facebook, which I check annoyingly often.  There’s woman on who posted a great article on the Student Affairs Collaborative blog; it said that once she connected to the student affairs community on Twitter, it became much more relevant for her.  I’m guessing that it will for me, too…if that happens.  I addded her on Twitter so that I could ask her how she found that community.  She DMed me asking for my email address.  I gave it to her and we started a conversation about what I wanted my Twitter life to look like.  Here’s what I sent her:

I’m comfortable with Twitter and know how it works — I think.  I haven’t really used it except to “follow” some things that I was already a “fan” of on Facebook — which I use more consistently and feel more connected to others on.  There aren’t really any students on our campus who are using Twitter consistently (or at least that we know of).  None of my peers, colleagues, or friends use it, except for one person (a former cohort member out in San Fran.).

I have used the Twitter website but never any other client.  I do not have tweets sent to my phone.  I rarely check Twitter as I mentioned — I follow all the same stuff on Facebook and I’m already getting the information I want…

I’ve read #sachat transcripts, but even when I’m really interested in the topic, the transcripts are hard to follow.  I have trouble in online chats when seven people are talking at once, too…#sachat is the only Twitter professional chat I’ve even ever heard of.  We’re going to try and use Google wave for a directorate body I’m on with ACPA.

As far as using Twitter, I would just really like to continue to engage with other student affairs professionals, particularly folks who I didn’t go to grad school with or work with.  I LOVE reading the student affairs collaborative and would like to be more able to participate in the #sachat (though it’s at a terrible time for me over the summer).  I was really intrigued by the post you wrote about not feeling connected to twitter until you connected to the SA community on Twitter.  I guess I’m trying to figure out how to connect to that SA community without adding a huge chunk of time to my life.  There are days when I feel like I spend more time on Facebook than actually talking to people : )  Which is the opposite of what I’m looking for…sort of.

So far, I don’t send tweets to my phone (no unlimited texting here) and I just haven’t found it useful enough to add it to my list of websites to check daily.  Maybe I’ll read the whuffie factor and change my mind.  If you want to follow me, I’m ekgeers.  I don’t post anything, so it probably won’t be that interesting for you.

Until ten minutes from now when I complete my next assignment…ekg


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